New Mexico DeMolay Conclave

In every young man's journey, DeMolay builds leadership skills and provides opportunities for growth and comradeship.

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motorcycle raffle

The New Mexico DeMolay Association needs funding to to host events, cover operating cost, and ensure that every DeMolay in New Mexico continues to have memorable experiences. Please show your support for our young men by participating in a chance to win the choice of and Indian Bobber Scout or a Harley Davidson Fourty-Eight.

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Our Values

DeMolay teaches seven virtues which its members strive to exemplify in their everyday lives. Put simply, these virtues are:

·  Love of Parents.
·  Respect of religious beliefs.
·  Courtesy towards others.
·  Comradeship.
·  Being faithful to every obligation taken in life.
·  Cleanness in every thought, word and deed.
·  Patriotism toward one's country.

About Us

Since its founding in 1919, DeMolay has served as a safe place for young men from ages 12 - 21 to grow and learn to be citizens of outstanding character within their community.

Through mentorship provided by trained advisors and experiences from DeMolays who come from all walks of life, a DeMolay gains access to networks of friends and peers they can trust and learn from.

Building Leadership

Active members of DeMolay have resources and opportunities readily available to grow in areas such as public speaking, person-to-person interactions, event planning, leading team collaboration, and much more! 

Making Connections

Through DeMolay, members will meet and interact with young men who come from all walks of life.

As members work together, they have the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and a group of peers they can trust.

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Whether a prospective DeMolay, future advisor or volunteer, New Mexico DeMolay could use your help!